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New App Makes Roland Pianos Even Better!

Piano Every Day app for Roland pianos

Are you an adult who plays piano a little bit and wants to get better, but doesn’t have time for formal lessons? Perhaps you have a child who plays but is getting bored with turning pages in a lesson book. Or maybe you both just want to learn to play your favorite songs as easily as possible. Well, Roland has come up with the solution…

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Why Do Pianos Have 88 Keys?

Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Piano

Some Bosendorfer pianos have 97 note keyboards.

One of the most common questions we get from our clients is how many keys a piano has.  …and, though most of today’s pianos have 88 keys (52 white keys and 36 black keys), it wasn’t always this way.  The first pianos had 49 keys or 4 “octaves” (An “octave” is a group of 8 notes between and including two notes of the same name such as “Middle C” and “The C above Middle C”, etc.). As the instrument’s popularity grew, however, composers quickly found themselves limited by the 49 key keyboard.  So, to increase the piano’s appeal for composers like Hayden and Mozart (who were writing primarily for the 60 note harpsichord), piano builders developed new 61 note or 5 “octave” pianos.  By the mid 1800s, composers like Chopin and Liszt were writing for pianos with 85 notes or 7 “octaves.”  Finally, in the late 1880s, Steinway & Sons created an 88 note or 7 1/3 octave piano and – due to Steinway’s popularity at the time – other manufacturers quickly followed suit.  Today, the 88 note piano is still considered standard, but not all piano builders follow this standard.  Bosendorfer, for example, offers two models with more than 88 keys.  The Model 225 Bosendorfer piano has 92 keys and the Model 290 “Imperial” grand piano has a full 8 octaves or 97 keys.  This choice was made to better support piano transcriptions of J.S. Bach’s famous organ works.  Other compositions by Busoni, Bartók, and Ravel, can only be performed on these larger instruments.

…but why did the piano industry decide on 88 notes as the standard?

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Let Your Talent Bloom!

Spring is here and cacti aren’t the only things blooming in the Valley of the Sun!  Students all over Phoenix are discovering the magic of making music with Yamaha pianos.  Why not join them?

THE most recognized piano brand in the World, Yamaha pianos are built with unparalleled craftsmanship and precision.  With models to suit every price range (from Clavinova up to the famous S-Series), Yamaha has the perfect instrument for your budget.  …and now – with Yamaha’s Spring Bloom Event – you can purchase a new, in-stock Yamaha piano and take advantage of INCREDIBLE financing offers like 0% APR for 18 months or 7.99% APR for 60 months with your approved credit!

There will never be a better time to select your new Yamaha piano.  Stop by your nearest Riverton Piano Company for details on this rare offer.

We look forward to helping you grow your love of music this Spring!


*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. On purchases of new and in-stock qualifying Yamaha pianos from May 1, 2019, to May 31, 2019. Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. 0% Annual Percentage Rate if paid in full within 12- or 18-month period. Interest accrues throughout the life of the loan at 12.99% APR.

Riverton Launches NEW Program for Piano Teachers

Research shows us time and again that piano lessons make kids healthier, happier and smarter. Yet, schools all across the United States continue to cut funding for vital music programs. It has never been more critical for local music stores and piano teachers to work together. …and that is why we are proud to announce our all-new “Piano Education Partnership” program (or “PEP”).

The Piano Education Partnership (“PEP”) is a true, three-way collaboration between piano teachers, their students and Riverton Piano Company – created to enhance the piano lessons experience, provide students with meaningful music memories, and to give families the information they need to make better piano investment decisions.

There is no cost to join and the benefits include:

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Rare Designer Piano Playing Experience – FREE!

When was the last time you were invited to drive a $200,000 luxury car? How long has it been since you last wore a $300,000 timepiece? Can you remember the last time you spent $500,000 traveling Europe? Let’s face it. Very few of us have the opportunity to experience luxury like that in our everyday lives. …but when we do, it’s an experience we carry with us forever. Now – for a few short weeks in March – we are inviting you to experience a collection of pianos worth over one million dollars as they pass through the Phoenix area. Included in this exclusive group of designer instruments are six very unique, Bosendorfer artisan grand pianos. These one-of-a-kind instruments are lovingly handcrafted by master Viennese craftsmen – a process that takes six years per piano. Each one is special. Now – for a very limited time – you’re invited to step behind the velvet rope to view and play one of these iconic masterpieces yourself… and better yet?  It won’t cost you a dime.

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Yamaha Lunar New Year Promotion

February 5 marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year (also known as “Chinese New Year”) and Yamaha is celebrating with a month-long rebate that will save you up to $1000 OFF your new Yamaha piano, Hybrid, Clavinova or Disklavier!  Just come in to your closest Riverton Piano Company store, select your first piano OR your dream piano and you’ll receive a rebate for up to $1000 from Yamaha!



Contact us for details on this exciting promotion.  …but don’t wait.  These Yamaha factory rebates end February 28.  Come in today and get this rare rebate ON TOP of the Riverton Piano Company guaranteed low price.  There will never be a better time to buy your new Yamaha piano, Hybrid, Clavinova or Disklavier!

Pianos vs. Digital Pianos – A False Choice

More than 80% of all pianos sold today plug in. Does that surprise you? It’s true, but it may not mean what you think. Most people think of pianos as either “traditional acoustic” instruments (which generate sound mechanically with hammers striking strings, etc.) or “digital” instruments (which generate sound electronically), but what most folks don’t know is that there are entire categories of pianos in-between. These somewhat mysterious and poorly-defined instruments are called “Hybrid Pianos” and – they might be exactly what you are looking for.

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Digital Piano Basics – What to Know BEFORE You Buy

Digital Piano Comparison

Digital pianos are outselling acoustic pianos by a staggering ratio of 6 to 1 today.  …and – on one hand – that’s not terribly surprising giving the lower costs and extra learning tools associated with digital instruments.  Unfortunately, a closer look at these numbers reveals that an overwhelming majority of digital pianos sold are woefully inadequate instruments.  In fact, they are playing a big role in student attrition all over America and could be responsible – if not put in check – for the loss of an entire generation of potential music makers.  I don’t say this lightly – neither do I post it here to scare you into purchasing an acoustic piano (Full disclosure – I own a digital piano myself.).  No.  I say this because I am passionate about making sure piano students have the best shot at success and because I want you to understand the critical differences between “good” digital pianos (expressive musical instruments that can motivate student success or inspire experienced players) and “bad” digital pianos (cheaply-made instruments that look like pianos, but do not provide the feedback and/or control necessary to delight players).  As a pianist of over 35 years, a music education columnist and nationally-known piano expert, it is my hope that this guide will help you avoid a mistake that could cost you – or your loved ones – the opportunity to turn their musical dreams into reality.

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Piano Basics: What to Know Before You Buy a Piano

Shopping for a Mattress

Shopping for a piano can be a lot like shopping for a mattress. They all look similar and do pretty much the same thing. Few will to fall apart during use. …and most cost more than we think they should.

I remember searching for a new mattress.  I was looking for an upgrade from my old bed and I had even taken the time to write down the brand and model number of a hotel bed that I found particularly comfortable.  In short, I assumed – thanks to my advanced preparation – that my mattress shopping experience would be pretty simple.

Looking back, it’s astounding how wrong I was and how similar my shopping experience was to what you might be going through right now as you search for your first piano.


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Black [Piano] Friday is Coming!

black friday piano sale

Get to Riverton Piano Company in Scottsdale this Black Friday (or Saturday) for the VERY best deals on a piano for your home! …but get here early. These deals are VERY limited. Many pianos are one-of-a-kind! Don’t miss out on these INCREDIBLE specials!

  • ALL Black Pianos on Sale! Save up to 50%!
  • NEW Baby Grand Pianos from $7999!
  • 18-Month or 12-Month 0% APR on Select NEW Yamaha Pianos!
  • 7.5% APR for 60 Months on Select NEW Yamaha Pianos!
  • NEW Roland Digital Piano with bench & Accessories – ONLY $1099!
  • FREE Roland Accessory Package (a $700 value) with ALL new HP/GP/LX Models!
  • 12-Months Same as Cash on ALL Roland Digital Pianos!
  • FREE Accessory Kit with every Clavinova CVP Series Digital Piano!
  • ALL USED PIANOS on Sale from $899!

These deals are ONLY good on Black Friday (November 23) and Saturday, November 24. Your piano student ALREADY has a gift. Help them unlock it this Holiday Season with a piano or digital piano from Riverton Piano Company.

All major credit cards will be accepted and financing is available to those who qualify. Priority delivery arrangements will be made available through Riverton Piano Company. Pianos cannot be reserved or held.