You’re not alone.  Who doesn’t want a great price on the piano of their dreams?  …but – what some folks forget – is that “best piano” and “best price” might mean different things to different people.  The first step in finding a piano is establishing exactly what “best piano” and “best price” mean to you.  To some, the “best piano” may just be one that fits comfortably into their budget or space.  To others, the “best piano” is the one that inspires them by its sound or touch.  It’s important to realize that *none* of those criteria necessarily refer to a top quality instrument.  If you’re used to a poor quality, out of tune piano, you might assume the “best piano” is the one that performs the way you expect – even if your expectations are based on poor instruments from your past.  The term “best price” can mean a variety of things to people as well.  Is the best price always the lowest one?  …or is it a value judgement that represents a reasonable compromise between good quality and low price?  How does after-the-sale support and service figure into the “best price” definition?  Determining these things up front can make your piano search far easier and more fun because – unfortunately – there are internet companies, local retailers and large music stores who make a living offering low-quality instruments at low prices.  …but do these transactions lead to satisfaction in the end?

Of course, we could talk philosophy all day, but here is a real-world example that might better illustrate my point:

Yamaha Clavinova CVP-809GP“Bill” recently came into my store to buy Yamaha’s flagship model Clavinova baby grand piano – the CVP-809GP. He hadn’t ever played one or heard one. He hadn’t even seen one in person. He’d done his research online and determined through reading reviews and articles that the CVP-809GP was the piano for him. The first thing he said when he walked through the door was  “I’m here to buy a grand piano!” He then immediately followed up with a question:  “Do you price match?” I told him we have a low price guarantee and I asked him why he wanted to know that.  He explained that he’d received a coupon from Guitar Center worth $500 off anything over $5000 and free shipping anywhere in the US.  Naturally, he wanted to know if I would match that price and give him free shipping as well.  I told him would happily match their offer, but – if he’d allow me to explain – I could show him how our price offered a far better value – even though it was higher than what Guitar Center was advertising at the time.  For example, the term “free shipping” just means that they drop that 400-pound digital baby grand box in your driveway. They don’t include setup and installation at that price.  You are responsible for unboxing it, putting it together, and getting it set up in your house. Certainly, you could pay several very strong friends to help you, you could rent a special dolly, and maybe even borrow the equipment you’ll need to move it – but that certainly doesn’t save you time and it might cost you some money as well. You’re also running the risk of putting some impressive scratches on that shiny new instrument in the process.  Then, you have to figure out how to operate the thing!  The front panel has about a hundred buttons on it and the owner’s manual reads like a college course. Who’s going to help you with that? I guarantee you nobody at Guitar Center will! Sure, you can order it from their website (you’ll HAVE to because no Guitar Center doesn’t stock a CVP-809GP in their stores), and you can use that $500 off coupon, but the money you saved, you’ll end up spending on delivery and setup, training, lessons and more.

But the biggest thing is – even though Bill thought he would be getting the best piano for him at the best price – he was completely wrong. He didn’t know what he didn’t know… He was about to realize AFTER THE FACT that he should have first talked to an EXPERT instead of relying solely on online research.  Thankfully, Bill came into a PIANO store to buy his piano (not a GUITAR store).  In doing so, he got to spend time with me – an expert with over 35 years of experience helping folks find their ideal piano – and he saved a lot more than $500!  After talking about his needs and musical goals, we found him a different instrument that would do everything he would ever want to do at about HALF the price he was about to pay for the Clavinova at Guitar Center!  I even set him up with a life-long membership to our Owner’s Club so he could get training and support whenever he needed it – whether our store was open or not!  I also gave him an upgraded bench, tons of music and downloads to enjoy and a 3-month free membership to my favorite online piano lessons app.  Sure, he paid $170 for delivery – which includes putting the piano together and setting it up in his home and, sure, he couldn’t use his “discount coupon” and save $500, but do you think he’s angry?


The truth is, shopping by price is never the right way to select a piano.  “Discount coupons” are there to draw people in and get them to make a quick decision – like Bill almost did.  …there is no substitute for talking to a real EXPERT. We can help you find the best VALUE – even if it’s not the lowest price – on the piano that will excite and inspire you for years to come.  By our definition, that is the “best scenario” anyone could find!  Whatever your budget – whatever your musical goals – you owe it to yourself to do what Bill did – come in and talk to an EXPERT.  We’ll help you make sure your piano investment is a “sound” one… and we’ll almost always save you money in the process!