Everybody wants a good piano.  Unfortunately, pianos can be expensive.  That leaves most of us with a value judgement to make.  We want the best piano we can get, but we want to spend as little as possible to get it!  What makes matters worse is that we can find countless brands of pianos at just about every price imaginable and finding the best fit for our needs and our budgets can be surprisingly difficult!  Luckily, the owner of our company is a classical pianist himself – and a family man.  He understood the need for a very high quality – yet low cost – option for beginner players, enthusiasts and home owners.  …and, luckily, he found a company that is making something you can be proud to call “My First Piano!”

Schumann Piano Factory

Schumann builds all of its pianos in its own piano factory. They do not outsource their construction.

80 percent of the pianos sold in the world today are sold in China.  That’s why nearly every major piano manufacturer (including, Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, Baldwin, Schimmel and many more) are building pianos there.  Many (like A. Geyer, Brodmann and Essex) hire other companies to build their pianos for them.  As one of the earliest piano manufacturers in China, however, The Schumann Piano Company is proud to build every piano they offer in their own plant (located on the south bank of the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge Yuhua Economic Development Zone).  Their affordable quality control made them one of the earliest Chinese brands to be exported to Europe. Since the first piano today’s Schumann Piano Company produced (Other piano brands have used the name “Schumann,” but today’s piano company began production in 1986), Schumann Pianos have been adored by piano lovers all over the world.

As a matter of pride, Schumann’s piano craftsmen and women constantly challenge themselves to improve their instruments.  Their piano’s shape, structural planning, wood selection, and even production processes are continuously tested and revised, hoping to give players a higher quality of musical enjoyment for their money.  This has resulted in a number of refinements that are typically only found on far more expensive pianos – like soft-close fallboards, adjustable artist benches, nickel hardware and a luxurious burled inner rim.

sanding a Schumann Piano

Schumann Pianos are hand sanded repeatedly until they are ready to receive a custom stain and clear coat.

Schumann prides itself on using excellent woods for their pianos as well.  From Tibetan spruce to European beech to rugged hornbeam, each wood is chosen for its musical or structural character as well as global sustainability.

The Schumann Piano Company follows strict requirements for health and environmental protection in their factory and in every process that goes into building their lovely pianos. They only use the most harmless and reliable adhesive and finishing materials.  They employ a custom low-emission treatment process.  They even comply with global ISO standards for the health and sustainability of the piano industry.  Schumann takes great care to provide a path forward for high quality and affordable pianos for generations to come!

Schumann Piano Strings

Schumann Pianos feature German piano wire from Roslau – the best piano wire in the world.

Schumann also imports some of its pianos’ components from Germany and the UK.  Schumann bass strings are handmade with pure copper wound around a straight steel core.  These strings – as well as the top grade steel strings used in the treble and mid sections of their pianos are imported from Roslau (Germany).   Schumann hammers are a mix of German AAA Wurzen (100% pure wool) felt, and German Abel hammers – depending on model.  Every piece is selected and customized to produce “The Schumann Sound and Touch.”

…but The Schumann Piano Company isn’t just about building great pianos.  It’s about building a future for piano players as well.  Schumann involves itself actively in programs for public good as a way of repaying society, building a worldwide reputation, and enabling music to influence people in their daily lives.

Working on a Schumann Piano

As a matter of pride, Schumann craftsmen and women are constantly working to refine and improve their pianos.

Today’s Schumann pianos give players a full, rich sound from their vertical instruments (like the Model C1 and the Model K1) to their beautiful grand pianos (including the GP-152, GP-168 and GP-186).  Schumann keyboards give players a  quick and responsive touch, which is especially helpful for beginner players.  …and they include all of this inside beautiful cabinets designed to complement any décor from traditional to contemporary.   Topped off with Schumann’s full 10-year parts and labor warranty, these pianos offer some of the best value instruments made in the world today.

Are you looking for your first piano?  A Schumann piano might be an excellent choice for you and your family!  It is certainly a piano that you will be proud to own for decades to come.  Come into our Peoria or Scottsdale piano stores today and see why I think a Schumann should have been my first piano and why you might want to make it yours!