Selecting one of the finest pianos in the world demands a superb buying experience like no other. That’s why Riverton Piano Company Scottsdale now features the perfect selection space to present and demonstrate one of the largest collections of new Bösendorfer pianos in the world. As Arizona’s exclusive factory representative for Bösendorfer pianos, we take our role in helping you discover and appreciate the unfathomable magic of joining a piano family that stretches through generations of celebrities, leaders, musicians and royalty very seriously.  Now we invite you to experience this magic for yourself as you visit our Scottsdale piano showroom.  Introducing, the Arizona Bösendorfer Piano Salon.

Bosendorfer Piano Store in Arizona

An elegant collection of instruments for those who want only the very best, the Arizona Bosendorfer Piano Salon is the only place you can find traditional Bosendorfer pianos and Designer Series Bosendorfer pianos in quantity all in one place.

An informative – yet serene – selection space, the Arizona Bösendorfer Piano Salon offers you the rare opportunity to see and hear Viennese artisan pianos that no other showroom in the world can offer you.  You’ll find sleek, ebony models with traditional designs to fit a variety of styles and budget needs.  You’ll also find a collection of Designer Series Bösendorfer pianos that challenge tradition and present you with decidedly contemporary or elegantly traditional artist-inspired cabinetry unlike anything else available in the United States.  You can even submit a custom commission and have Bösendorfer build the perfect piano for your unique home, cabin or yacht.  …and our experienced piano team will guide you through every step with the respect and patience your decision deserves. Obtaining a hand-crafted artisan piano is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will bring incredible joy to your family for generations to come.  We are here to ensure that your selection experience is as enriching and exciting as the legacy you are building for your family.  You and your family deserve a Bösendorfer piano.

The Bosendorfer Piano Factory in Vienna, Austria

Masterfully constructed by artisans with generations of piano building experience, Bosendorfer pianos represent the very pinnacle of piano quality and design.

The oldest continuously-operating piano manufacturer in the world, Bösendorfer utilizes the unmatched creativity and experience of master piano builders in Vienna, Austria, who – because of their adherence to the highest quality materials and construction – take six years to complete each Bösendorfer piano. For nearly two centuries, Bösendorfer has been revered for their unwavering devotion to superb craftsmanship and exquisite style. Each piano represents the very pinnacle of piano building craft as only “The Old World” can offer.  …and there is nothing that can compare to a Bösendorfer piano performance.  That is why Bösendorfer remains the ultimate choice for people who want only the very best.

Artisan piano by Bosendorfer

Each Bosendorfer begins its life as an exceptional musical instrument. Then, designer pianos like these are created by hand with the workmanship and creative mastery that few people in the world could ever achieve. This is Artisan – an Ultimate Design piano by Bosendorfer – available only at Riverton Piano Company.

Bösendorfer believes that artisan pianos cannot be mass produced, outsourced or rushed.  Thus, they only build about 300 pianos per year.  Seeing even one or two of these pianos in a piano showroom is rare – especially outside of Europe – and that is why the Arizona Bösendorfer Piano Salon is so special.  Not only will you see a beautiful selection of traditional Bösendorfer pianos here, you can also see rare Designer Collection models like Audi, Edge, and the awe-inspiring Artisan up-close and in-person!  Because these pianos are incredibly hard to find, they not only make a statement in your living room, they also make excellent investments! …and you will only find them at Riverton Piano Company.

Porche piano by Bosendorfer

Available in every color made by the luxury car company, the Porche Bosendorfer (Ultimate Design Series) piano is a stunning instrument as well as a breathtaking contemporary centerpiece.

For a more information on these luxurious instruments, visit the Bösendorfer pianos section of our website, call us at (480) 368-8888 or request an appointment to visit the Bösendorfer Piano Salon in person.  We look forward to helping you begin your musical adventure!