Playing a Yamaha SX-Series Grand PianoYamaha has always been known for high quality mass-produced pianos. Indeed, their Conservatory Series (or CX-Series) pianos are the most sought-after pianos for recording studios, universities, schools and churches the world over! Solidly built and consistently reliable, the Conservatory Series grand pianos have long been the “go-to” pianos for many decades.

However, in recent years, Yamaha has put a greater emphasis on building highly expressive and nuanced premium pianos that offer a performance level previously only found in the venerable handcrafted brands of Europe.  Created with time-honored methods passed down from generations of master builders, these stunning instruments are often chosen over the CX-Series for their more refined tone, even projection, longer sustain and rugged craftsmanship. The Yamaha SX-Series Pianos are selected by universities, music conservatories, K-12 schools, churches, and discerning retail customers who simply refuse to compromise on quality and tone.  As a result, Yamaha has developed a new series of pianos for clients with a discriminating sense of tone and touch – developed to stand “toe to toe” with the iconic European brands – but at a far more accessible price.  This is the Yamaha SX-Series of premium grand pianos.

technician working on Yamaha piano soundboard

The European Spruce used in Yamaha piano soundboards is twice as expensive as the Alaskan Spruce used in Steinway pianos. It is one of the most expensive components in the piano.

Yamaha’s SX-Series and flagship CF-Series pianos are both made in their Kakegawa workshop – the most advanced piano manufacturing facility of its kind. The CF-Series pianos are entirely handcrafted by Yamaha’s most skilled and experienced artisans – many second or third generation piano builders.  This is also the birthplace of the iconic Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano – one of the most in-demand performance pianos around the world. The SX-Series is built in the same building – using the same old-grown European spruce, rock maple and mahogany woods found in the CF-Series pianos.  Chosen for their tonal quality and seasoned to perfection, these woods represent the heart of the piano’s voice and the character that makes Yamaha SX-Series pianos unique in all the world.  Next, Yamaha employs a proprietary (patented) technology called Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (A.R.E.) that uses moisture control, temperature manipulation and pressure to enhance the wood’s natural tonal characteristics.  The resulting sound carries the warmth and depth that was previously only found in vintage pianos from 100 years ago.  All of this is done without chemicals and without damaging the wood’s longevity.  It’s a true breakthrough in piano manufacturing.

Yamaha piano hammers

Yamaha spent years developing hammers for their SX-Series pianos using feedback from concert pianists around the world. SX-Series hammers provide incredible versatility and tonal control.

This seasoned, enhanced wood is now formed into a thicker, more resonant frame and a custom diaphragmatic-tapered soundboard with European Spruce ribs.  This combination of stronger foundation and more delicate soundboard give the piano incredible majesty at fortissimo volumes without sacrificing the light, airy treble tones that dance in the air when playing the piano quietly.  Finally, Yamaha tested over 100 different hammer felt recipes to find the absolute perfect tone for each model of the SX-Series – giving each SX-Series piano it’s own unique voice.  This paired with their hand-wound bass strings make each piano special without sacrificing consistency or quality control.  The result is a truly personal playing experience that transcends the world-class components components and time-honored manufacturing techniques Yamaha uses to create these magnificent instruments.

Next, each SX-Series Yamaha piano goes through a rigorous voicing and regulation process by Yamaha’s most talented and experienced piano technicians. Acute attention is spent on bringing the individual character and voice out of each piano before it leaves the factory.

Made with the reliability and stability of Yamaha’s legendary CX-Series pianos, the SX-Series offers premium quality and performance at a price that most fully handcrafted pianos can’t achieve.  As a result, countless institutions, concert pianists, professors and piano aficionados have selected Yamaha SX-Series Pianos and raved about their performance.  Here are just a few of the pianists who love their Yamaha SX-Series Pianos:


Marian Conti


Lisa Yui


Ann-Marie McDermott


The Yamaha SX-Series pianos are gracing concert stages worldwide and enchanting audiences everywhere they appear. They are also found in classrooms, rehearsal halls, teaching studios, practice rooms, houses of worship and in countless homes. The depth and warmth of sound – with lush, gorgeous overtones – and the piano’s ability to sustain the sound with no loss of its extraordinary tonal properties, makes Yamaha’s SX-Series highly desirable. It truly is the perfect marriage of traditional craftsmanship, incredible artistry and modern innovation. Experience a SX-Series Yamaha grand piano for yourself today at Riverton Piano Company!