It’s no secret that technology is quickly becoming a music teacher’s best friend.  Especially with today’s shrinking budgets and increasing workloads, more and more music teachers are relying on technology and software just to get through the day.  As times change, our perception of the “ideal” classroom piano changes as well.  …and – before we unveil our ideal instrument – let’s take a brief tour of what makes up a “perfect” school piano:

  • Reliably Good Sound and Touch. No school can afford to tune or regulate their pianos as often as they should, and that means that – more often than not – your classroom piano is out of tune or has a few technical problems that prevent it from playing “well.”  The ideal piano would always be in tune and in perfect playing condition.
  • Sufficient Warmth and Projection. Your classroom piano will have to be loud enough to “cut through” singers and other instrument sounds.  It should be warm and pleasing to the ear, but not easily drowned out by other sounds.
  • Easy to Move and Amplify. Rarely is a classroom piano a stationary object.  Most classroom pianos move from room to room or double as performance pianos when the need arises.  The perfect piano would be easy to roll around and easy to amplify for larger applications.
  • Durable Cabinet with 10yr Warranty. Pianos are not inexpensive and – especially with budgets as they are these days – your piano needs to last a long time.  Ideally, a classroom piano should be built to withstand the rigors of school life and come with a 10 year “safety net” warranty.
  • Record and Playback. File sharing has become a new reality in modern school systems and your perfect piano should give you access to recordings made by friends, colleges, students… and even your own!  These recordings can then be used by substitute teachers, TAs or independent studies as needed.
  • Budget-Friendly Price. In a perfect world, we could all have handcrafted grand pianos, but in the world of funding accountability, we rarely get a “redo.”  Make sure the piano you request is affordable, but not cheap.  The key word to purchasing the best equipment for your classroom is “value.”  …and value = price + function + longevity.

There are surprisingly few pianos that fulfill all of these requirements, but one immediately rises to the surface.  Thus, with all of this in mind, I am happy to announce our pick for the “Perfect Classroom Piano:”  the Roland HP-704.

One of the most exciting instruments in the world today, the Roland HP-704 is an affordable digital piano outfitted with lifelike sound and a hybrid wood/resin key action that feels more like a grand piano than anything else in its price range.  Powered by a lively four-speaker surround sound system, the piano’s tone is surprisingly robust and customizable.  With a fresh, elegantly styled cabinet, the HP-704 is perfect for classrooms with limited space, but thanks to metal reinforcements and its solid front legs, the 704 is as sturdy as it is lightweight and easy to move.  The 704 comes with a host of extras – including headphones, audio ports, Bluetooth MIDI and Audio receivers, USB and a 10 year on-site warranty.

Roland PHA-50 Key ActionFor schools and colleges, this instrument is the answer!   The Roland HP-704 offers the renowned SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling sound engine, which takes your musical expression to the highest level with over 16,000 dynamics per key (compared to only 128 with “sampled” or prerecorded brands) and superb repetition capability with its PHA-50 wood/resin hybrid action. It easily outperforms the competition in this price range giving you better control and the ability to accompany a small band, orchestra or choir without additional amplification.  Also – being that it is a digital piano – it is always perfectly in tune and ready whenever you need it.

Ruggedly built for today’s active classroom, the HP-704 is a good school investment.  …and that investment is protected by a unique-in-the-industry 10-year on-site warranty.  This simply guarantees that your piano will function as designed for at least 10 years with no costly repairs and no trips to the service shop.  It’s a wonder a piano like this actually costs less than its acoustic cousins!Roland HP704 Digital Piano Keyboard

Even better, the HP-704 is equipped with a state-of-the-art “easy recording” system that will transform the way you teach.  Record your own exercises or song with up to 3-layers without additional equipment or software.  You can even share your songs via email, record custom CDs  or make your audio accompaniments available for download!  Imagine how your school district could benefit from 10 years of song sharing using pianos like this!

Roland HP704 digital piano

Even better.  With Bluetooth connectivity, you can control your piano – and your recorded songs – wirelessly while you walk around the room!  That’s right!  You can free yourself from the piano and walk around interacting with your students WHILE you control your music via Bluetooth!  Speed up and slow down your CDs with ease.  Remove the vocals.  Transpose.  Do whatever you need to do from wherever you want to be with just a tablet or smart phone!  Take advantage of over 20 other apps (with more coming out every day) that will enhance your classroom experience, motivate your students and cut your workload down significantly!  You won’t believe the time you can save!

Work with headphones any time you want – regardless of what’s happening around you.  The Roland HP-704 frees you up to do what you need to do whenever you need to do it.

Requesting a piano for your classroom can be a risky prospect.  Don’t waste your request on a piano that will fall apart in a few years or fail to meet your musical needs.  Find the right instrument and enjoy decades or reliable, time-saving musical bliss.  Discover the HP-704.  Once you do, there is no going back.

(Contact us for more information or special classroom pricing on all Roland digital pianos.)