Riverton Piano Company is honored to represent the finest pianos in the world, the hand-crafted Austrian Bösendorfer Pianos. Since 1828, Bösendorfer has created and set the worldwide standard for high quality pianos. The oldest continuously-operating piano factory in the World, Bösendorfer still delivers the most exquisite sound, touch and cabinetry of any piano made in the world today.

Bösendorfer’s limited annual production of only about 220 pianos makes them highly prized and desired. Furthermore, only about 50 of them are brought into the United States each year. That is what makes encountering one so very special.  …and right now, Riverton Piano Company in Scottsdale is thrilled to host a spectacular tour of designer Bösendorfer Grand Pianos. Thanks to our special partnership with Bösendorfer, we currently have over $1 Million in luxuriously handcrafted Bösendorfer pianos for you to explore, including Artisana stunning, Designer-series grand piano with old world marquetry and stunning floral figures, two limited edition models, the Dragonfly and the Jean Cocteau, as well as several Artisan-Series models. Each piano represents the epitome of master craftsmanship and cottage, Venetian design.  Each takes at least six years to build.

In celebration of these unforgettable pianos, we are offering anyone who selects a new Bösendorfer from Riverton Piano Company a free VIP trip for two to Vienna.  Including first-class, round-trip tickets and three nights in “The Imperial City,” this exclusive getaway will take you to the Bösendorfer factory for a rare glimpse at how the world’s finest pianos are made. What better way to celebrate your decision to obtain a true work of art?  …but hurry.  This offer is only available for a limited time!

Owning a Bösendorfer artisan grand piano is an exquisite – and rare – pleasure. Select yours today and join an elite family of owners, including European royalty, iconic composers, movie stars and the world’s most successful executives.

Call us at (480) 368-8888 or visit our Scottsdale Piano Salon and begin your Austrian adventure today!