Piano Every Day app for Roland pianos

Are you an adult who plays piano a little bit and wants to get better, but doesn’t have time for formal lessons? Perhaps you have a child who plays but is getting bored with turning pages in a lesson book. Or maybe you both just want to learn to play your favorite songs as easily as possible. Well, Roland has come up with the solution…

Piano Every Day Practice Timeline

Keep track of your practice schedule with the built-in timeline feature.

Piano Every Day Songs

Select from over 400 built-in songs and lessons exercises!

Piano Every Day is a Bluetooth app that works with the following models of Roland digital pianos:  LX-708, LX-706, LX-705, HP-704 and HP-702. It contains tools that help you learn to play like digital flash cards for ear training and note recognition practice.  Multiple metronome features help you keep a steady beat.  You can even practice built in lessons repertoire like scales (major and minor), Hanon exercises, Czerny drills and much more.  The One Week Master program helps you learn to play a piece of music in just one week by breaking songs apart, working one hand at a time and reassembling the piece with practice. The Timeline feature keeps track of how long you practice, which songs you played, and what features you may have used. But in addition to just keeping track of your progress, it also suggests ways to improve your practicing and encourages you to continue. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated when you’re on your own but this app helps you keep on track!

When connected to Bluetooth, your practice session is recorded so you can listen to it later. I know it sounds strange, but it’s hard to really listen to what you’re playing while you are playing.  You have to think of so many things at once like note-reading, counting, fingering, etc. Listening to your performance afterwards allows you to hear where you might have played a passage incorrectly or with less expression. You might also hear where you were accidentally brilliant!

Also, since having fun is a big part of the equation, I should mention the Rhythm section. The app has many different rhythm styles that will follow you according to whatever chords you play. You don’t have to adjust your playing style at all! Just select a rhythm that compliments your song and you’re playing with a full band!

Piano Every Day Sheet Music

Enjoy music from all your favorite artists thanks to Sheet Music Direct.

In addition to the lessons repertoire, Piano Every Day gives you access to Sheet Music Direct – the world’s largest collection of online sheet music. You can not only download whatever version of a song you like – easy play, piano solo, piano/vocal, etc. – but you can also listen to it through your smartphone, tablet, or even through your piano. This is fantastic since we all know it’s easier to play a song if you know how it sounds. The music is also displayed on your smartphone or tablet allowing you to practice sight-reading even if you aren’t at your piano.

Piano Every Day even helps you navigate your Roland piano!  Changing sounds, layering two voices together, splitting the keyboard – using the features of your Roland has never been easier.  With Piano Every Day’s simple interface, you can enjoy your own custom Roland experience.

Bottom line, this app can help you become a better musician whether you’ve been playing for years – or used to play and just want to have more fun.  Download it today and give it a try!